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Removed Mattijs specific TODO file.

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- allocate/free tags.
Not tested.
OK - test blockMesh with cyclics
OK - test cyclics sequential running.
OK - test decomposePar
tested channel395
OK - FaceCellWave
OK - non-parallel finite volume : channelFoam
unitTestCases/channel395-splitCyclic vs. channel395-dev
OK - parallel finite volume with processorCyclic: channelFoam
unitTestCases/channel395-splitCyclic vs. channel395-dev
OK - preProcessing/foamUpgradeCyclics
OK - gamg - sequential.
Tested on channel395-splitCyclic with GAMG.
OK - gamg parallel.
Tested on channel395-splitCyclic with GAMG.
- initTransfer in GAMGprocessorInterfaces using nonblocking+tags
OK - cyclic baffles.
Tested on t-junction-with-fan
OK. - jumpCyclics/fanFvPatchField. All usages of jump() now need to account
for being owner() or not.
Tested on t-junction-with-fan.
OK - regionSplit
tested on singleCyclic
OK - pointFields on cyclics. volPointInterpolation.
tested on channel395-splitCyclic
OK - fvMeshSubset
tested on singleCyclic
OK - pointEdgeWave (maybe test through inversePointDistanceDiffusivity?)
tested on twoCavityCyclicForWallDistance
OK - scotchDecomp
tested with testCalcCSR on twoCavityCyclicForWallDistance
NOT WORKING - fvMeshDistribute to split cyclic patches into ones
with different separation.
tested on singleCyclic
OK - test createPatch pointSync
note: only works if face-centre position of 0th faces is ok since uses
this for separation. Should in fact make cyclic planar using patch centre and
test on twoCavityCyclicForWallDistance with point (0 1 0) set to (0 1.001 0)
NO PROBLEM - renumberMesh
It doesn't do renumbering through cyclics.
OK - rotational cyclics.
Tested on movingCone-with-cyclics
OK - LUscalarMatrix::convert still expects interfaces to be cyclic
tested on channel395 with 'directSolveCoarsest true;'
OK - grep for size()/2
- all tutorials with cyclics:
OK - incompressible/DNS/dnsFoam/boxTurb16
OK - incompressible/channelFoam/channel395
slight differences due to divergence. combustion/XiFoam/les/pitzDaily3D
OK - no cyclics. combustion/fireFoam/les/smallPoolFire2D
OK - incompressible/boundaryFoam/boundaryLaunderSharma
OK - incompressible/boundaryFoam/boundaryWallFunctions
OK - incompressible/boundaryFoam/boundaryWallFunctionsProfile
OK - needs createBaffles. incompressible/pimpleFoam/t-junction-with-fan
OK - incompressible/simpleSRFFoam/mixer
OK - needs createBaffles. lagrangian/porousExplicitSourceReactingParcelFoam/filter
needs special coupledbcs. lagrangian/reactingParcelFilmFoam/multipleBoxes
OK - createBaffles
- have foamUpgradeCyclics split 'value' field
- activeBaffleVelocity
- kivaToFoam/readKivaGrid.H sorts cyclics (but in incorrect order?)
- isoSurface.C
- referredCellList.C
- work out scheduled communication?
OK - add neighbourPatch checking to 16x.
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