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      Added Catmull-Rom splines to blockMesh. · 5648be03
      Mark Olesen authored
      - the blockMesh interface is splineEdge.H, selectable as "spline"
      The first tests look fine - it works as expected for the case with
      buggy polySpline reported on the forum. Should of course do some more
      extensive testing.
      The advantages compared to the current B-Spline implementation:
      - Doesn't need a matrix solver.
      - The coding resembles something that can be found in the literature.
      - In contrast to the B-Spline implementation, it is fairly clear what
        is actually going on. I don't even know if the B-Spline are actually
        B-Spline, Beta-Splines or something else.
      - Catmull-Rom splines seem to be what all the graphics people have as
        their stable workhorse.
      We now have 3 different names for splines in blockMesh:
      - "spline" - *new* Catmull-Rom for arbitrary segments.
      - "simpleSpline" - B-Spline for a single segment
      - "polySpline" - B-Spline for a multiple segments
      Assuming the Catmull-Rom splines continue to behave nicely, there is
      no reason to keep the other (broken) B-Splines. This would help clean
      up the blockMesh interface too.
      Placed the older ones under legacy/ for easier identification in the
      - currently no handling of non-zero end tangents
      - could be extended to handle closed loops, which might be useful
        for feature edges from CAD (eg, for the cvm mesher)
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      use absolute path for header/footer in Doxyfile · 9b92e3c4
      Mark Olesen authored
      - makes it easier to copy Doxyfile for local Doxygen generation
        ie, for debugging and writing without processing everything
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