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      ENH: multiple zone selection for fvMeshSubsetProxy (#973) · 2fb382bf
      Mark Olesen authored
      - handle tmp fields in interpolate methods
      - special method interpolateInternal() for creating a volume field
        with zero-gradient treatment for patches from an internal field.
        This method was previously also called interpolate(), but that
        masked the ability to subset the internal field only.
        Ensight output needs the volume field:
            uses interpolateInternal().
        VTK output has separate handling of internal and patch fields:
            uses interpolate().
      ENH: added fvMeshSubset mesh() method for baseMesh or subMesh.
      - simplies coding when the fvMeshSubset may or may not be in active use.
      ENH: update foamToEnsight to use newer methods in wrapped form
      - static interpolate functions with renaming for manual use with
        fvMeshSubset (when fvMeshSubsetProxy may be too limiting in
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      ENH: fvMeshSubset improvements (issue #951) · dbe0db1d
      Mark Olesen authored
      - what was previously termed 'setLargeCellSubset()' is now simply
        'setCellSubset()' and supports memory efficient interfaces.
        The new parameter ordering avoids ambiguities caused by default
        Old parameter order:
                const labelList& region,
                const label currentRegion,
                const label patchID = -1,
                const bool syncCouples = true
        New parameter order:
                const label regioni,
                const labelUList& regions,
                const label patchID = -1,
                const bool syncCouples = true
         And without ambiguity:
                const labelUList& selectedCells,
                const label patchID = -1,
                const bool syncCouples = true
      - support bitSet directly for specifying the selectedCells for
        memory efficiency and ease of use.
      - Additional constructors to perform setCellSubset() immediately,
        which simplifies coding.
        For example,
                new fvMeshSubset(mesh, selectedCells)
        Or even
            return autoPtr<fvMeshSubset>::New(mesh, selectedCells);
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