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      CONFIG: adjust make scripts for darwin · 76cb38fb
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - handling of dead links (find -L -delete unsupported)
      - remove ignore case flag on 's/../../i' used in have_scotch script.
        It is unneeded and not tolerated by Darwin's sed.
      - avoid embedded comments in EXE_INC (Make/options files), which do
        not work well with the OSX LLVM cpp.
        It strips out the comments but also removes the continuation char.
      STYLE: adjust notes about paraview library locations
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      COMP: fix Darwin size ambiguities · 0dfda5f7
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - size ambiguity for Foam::min(string::size_type, label)
      - stream operators for int16/uint16 which are needed for mode_t (Darwin)
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      CONFIG: remove WM_LINK_LANGUAGE env variable (always c++) · 2768500d
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - was somewhat redundant in wmake/rules/General/general anyhow
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      ENH: improve handling of ThirdParty packages · b4d38ab4
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - generalize some of the library extensions (.so vs .dylib).
        Provide as wmake 'sysFunctions'
      - added note about unsupported/incomplete system support
      - centralize detection of ThirdParty packages into wmake/ subdirectory
        by providing a series of scripts in the spirit of GNU autoconfig.
        For example,
            have_boost, have_readline, have_scotch, ...
        Each of the `have_<package>` scripts will generally provide the
        following type of functions:
            have_<package>          # detection
            no_<package>            # reset
            echo_<package>          # echoing
        and the following type of variables:
            HAVE_<package>          # unset or 'true'
            <package>_ARCH_PATH     # root for <package>
            <package>_INC_DIR       # include directory for <package>
            <package>_LIB_DIR       # library directory for <package>
        This simplifies the calling scripts:
            if have_metis
                wmake metisDecomp
        As well as reducing clutter in the corresponding Make/options:
            EXE_INC = \
                -I$(METIS_INC_DIR) \
            LIB_LIBS = \
                -L$(METIS_LIB_DIR) -lmetis
        Any additional modifications (platform-specific or for an external build
        system) can now be made centrally.
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    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      COMP: sinclude platform-specific CGAL rules · 29c020f5
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - permits platform-specific override of the general CGAL rules
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      ENH: error handling for Ragel STL parsing · 5af5bfa1
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - also simplify parsing by accepting any case on keywords.
        This implies that something like "sOlId", "SoLiD" will also
        be accepted. Although nobody should really count on this rather
        generous behaviour, it does simplfy the state machine even further.
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      STYLE: reorder/refactor stream format options · 4cf932b2
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - IOstreamOption class to encapsulate format, compression, version.
        This is ordered to avoid internal padding in the structure, which
        reduces several bytes of memory overhead for stream objects
        and other things using this combination of data.
            old  IOstream:48  PstreamBuffers:88  Time:928
            new  IOstream:24  PstreamBuffers:72  Time:904
      STYLE: remove support for deprecated uncompressed/compressed selectors
      In older versions, the system/controlDict used these types of
          writeCompression uncompressed;
          writeCompression compressed;
      As of DEC-2009, these were deprecated in favour of using normal switch
          writeCompression true;
          writeCompression false;
          writeCompression on;
          writeCompression off;
      Now removed these deprecated names and treat like any other unknown
      input and issue a warning. Eg,
         Unknown compression specifier 'compressed', assuming no compression
      STYLE: provide Enum of stream format names (ascii, binary)
      COMP: fixed incorrect IFstream construct in FIREMeshReader
      - spurious bool argument (presumably meant as uncompressed) was being
        implicitly converted to a versionNumber. Now caught by making
        IOstreamOption::versionNumber constructor explicit.
      - bad version specifier in changeDictionary
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