1. 04 Feb, 2019 4 commits
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      GIT: Added gitlab templates · f7729d6f
      Andrew Heather authored
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      ENH: restructuring of ensight output files · b7fb6116
      Mark Olesen authored
      - changed ensightOutput from a class solely comprising static methods to
        a namespace and added in sub-namespaces Detail and Serial.
        This makes it easier to "mix-in" functions at different levels.
        Refactored and combined some serial/parallel code where possible.
        The general ensightOutput namespace has now shifted to be in the
        fileFormats lib, while leaving volField outputs in the conversion lib
        and cloud outputs in the lagrangian-intermediate lib.
        The ensightCloud namespace is now simply folded into the new
        ensightOutput namespace.
        These changes clean up some code, reduce fragmentation and
        duplication and removes the previous libconversion dependency for
      - use int for ensight nTypes constexpr
      Note: issue #1176 is unaffected except for the change in file name:
         ensightOutputTemplates.C -> ensightOutputVolFieldTemplates.C
  5. 31 Jan, 2019 7 commits
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  8. 28 Jan, 2019 7 commits
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      ENH: add initial support for compile-time project paths (#1050) · 86d462c0
      Mark Olesen authored
          #define FOAM_CONFIGURED_PROJECT_ETC "/usr/share/openfoam/etc"
      This provides some easy to file patching locations, but is not yet
      integrated in the build system at all.
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      ENH: add 'default' as possible Switch state, but not as input/output · a3f960e3
      Mark Olesen authored
      - in some circumstances we need to pass a bool value upwards to the
        caller and know if the true/false value was set based on real input
        or is a default value.
        Eg, in the object::read() we might normally have
           enabled_(dict.readIfPresent(key, true));
        but would lose information about why the value is true/false.
        We can change that by using
           enabled_(dict.readIfPresent<Switch>(key, Switch::DEFAULT_ON));
        After which we can use this information is testing.
              ? child.enabled()
              : parent.enabled()
            { ... }
         And thus enable output if the parent requested it explicitly or by
         default and it has not been explicitly disabled in the child.
        No difference when testing as a bool and the text representation
        of DEFAULT_ON / DEFAULT_OFF will simply be "true" / "false".
      ENH: add construction of Switch from dictionary (similar to Enum)
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      ENH: enable MPI library variants (#1153) · 473e000b
      Mark Olesen authored
      - in addition to managing different vendors and versions, it may also
        be necessary or desirable to have a particular variant
        (eg, profiling, release, etc).
        Devise a new meaningful name for the variant and create a
        corresponding wmake rule.
        Eg, SYSTEMOPENMPI-profiling with a corresponding
            "wmake/rules/linux64Gcc/mplibSYSTEMOPENMPI-profiling" file
        that has suitable content for your system.
      CONFIG: intel-mpi use intel64/ paths only for config and wmake rules (#1153)
      - previously adjusted the config files, but missed the changes
        required for the wmake rules too.
        Now simply migrate to using  "intel64/{include,bin,lib}"
        instead of the older naming  "{include,bin,lib}64"
        These changes work since at least intel-mpi 2015 (5.x), but possibly
        earlier as well
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      COMP: add debug flag for repeating runTimePostProcessing rebuilds · f34acb56
      Mark Olesen authored
      - avoids removal of files and the dummy fallback
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      COMP: Allwmake: work with -q · e05a62d3
      mattijs authored
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      GIT: chockedNozzle: rename to chokedNozzle · ea9fbafa
      mattijs authored
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      Merge branch 'feature-snappyHexMesh-check' into 'develop' · da29c4f0
      Andrew Heather authored
      Feature snappy hex mesh check
      See merge request OpenFOAM-plus!229
  9. 26 Jan, 2019 4 commits
  10. 25 Jan, 2019 4 commits
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      CONFIG: combine wmake rules for KNL architecture as a compile option · ef6c2ef5
      Mark Olesen authored
      - instead of
            -> linux64GccKNLDPInt32Opt
        now specify
            -> linux64GccDPInt32OptKNL
      This makes it easier (and more obvious) for adding different tweaks
      without needing to generate too many files.
          cd wmake/rules/linux64Gcc
          cp cOpt   cOptBdw
          cp c++Opt c++OptBdw
          edit these two files and then use WM_COMPILE_OPTION=OptBdw
      CONFIG: provide some default c/c++ flags in General compiler rules
      - can make is easier when deriving new compile options, and ensures
        that '-02' is enabled as an initial default.
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      ENH: add -root option for wmakeLnInclude (convenience) · 3d98c3d5
      Mark Olesen authored
      - finds the correct root directory location before creating
        the lnInclude directory
        from within something like src/finiteVolume/fields/fvPatchFields/..
            wmakeLnInclude -update -root
        it backtracks to find the top-level directory with Make/
        and makes the lnInclude directory there:
          Using /home/mark/openfoam/OpenFOAM-plus/src/finiteVolume
              ln: /home/mark/openfoam/OpenFOAM-plus/src/finiteVolume/lnInclude
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      COMP: avoid autoPtr automatic cast conversion in more places · d4b49513
      Mark Olesen authored
      - Can result in inadvertent conversions where the user should really
        know or check if the pointer is valid prior to using.
      - Still have several places to fix that are using the deprecated copy
        construct and copy assignment
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      STYLE: remove NoConstructFromTmp conditional · fe6abf0f
      Mark Olesen authored
      - workaround for some old compilers many years ago, but no longer relevant