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      tutorials: Renamed .org -> .orig · 1b342313
      Henry Weller authored
      See http://www.openfoam.org/mantisbt/view.php?id=2076
        - .org is the file extension for emacs org-mode as well
        - .orig is more to the point (.org isn't always recognized as "original")
        - .original is too long, although more consistent with the convention
          of source code file naming
      Update script contributed by Bruno Santos
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      Updated headers · 81f31acb
      Henry Weller authored
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      GeometricField: Renamed internalField() -> primitiveField() and... · 3c053c2f
      Henry Weller authored
      GeometricField: Renamed internalField() -> primitiveField() and dimensionedInternalField() -> internalField()
      These new names are more consistent and logical because:
          Provides low-level access to the Field<Type> (primitive field)
          without dimension or mesh-consistency checking.  This should only be
          used in the low-level functions where dimensional consistency is
          ensured by careful programming and computational efficiency is
          Provides access to the DimensionedField<Type, GeoMesh> of values on
          the internal mesh-type for which the GeometricField is defined and
          supports dimension and checking and mesh-consistency checking.
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      GeometricField::dimensionedInteralFieldRef() -> GeometricField::ref() · ccd958a8
      Henry Weller authored
      In order to simplify expressions involving dimensioned internal field it
      is preferable to use a simpler access convention.  Given that
      GeometricField is derived from DimensionedField it is simply a matter of
      de-referencing this underlying type unlike the boundary field which is
      peripheral information.  For consistency with the new convention in
      "tmp"  "dimensionedInteralFieldRef()" has been renamed "ref()".
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      CrankNicolsonDdtScheme: Use the new GeometricField constructor from... · 68b69a25
      Henry Weller authored
      CrankNicolsonDdtScheme: Use the new GeometricField constructor from DimensionedField and boundary FieldField
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      GeometricField::internalField() -> GeometricField::internalFieldRef() · 5df2b964
      Henry Weller authored
      Non-const access to the internal field now obtained from a specifically
      named access function consistent with the new names for non-canst access
      to the boundary field boundaryFieldRef() and dimensioned internal field
      See also commit 22f4ad32
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      functionObjectFile: Separated into functionObjectFile and functionObjectFiles · 67e2d028
      Henry Weller authored
      functionObjectFile provides basic directory, file and formatting functions
      functionObjectFiles provides multi-file cache
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