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Integration of rhoPimpleAdiabaticFoam from CFD Sofware E+F GmbH

Sergio Ferraris requested to merge feature-rhoPimpleAdiabatic into develop

Solver for low Mach no. flows with adiabatic thermodynamics and updated pressure-velocity coupling given by the RCM interpolation procedure described in

Knacke, T. (2013).
Potential effects of Rhie & Chow type interpolations in airframe
noise simulations. In: Schram, C., Dénos, R., Lecomte E. (ed):
Accurate and efficient aeroacoustic prediction approaches for
airframe noise, VKI LS 2013-03.

Original code supplied by Thilo Knacke, CFD Software E+F GmbH contact:

Integrated into OpenFOAM by OpenCFD Ltd.

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