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Admin requested to merge integration-foundation into develop

Integration of selected (cherry-picked and updated as necessary) code changes from, including:

  • barycentric tracking
    • OpenCFD update: re-instated wallBoundedStreamLines
    • OpenCFD update: provide backwards-compatibility for writing out of Lagrangian data using the earlier positions file content, and restarting from cases using the earlier file format
  • collocated I/O for parallel running

New boundary conditions:

  • interfaceCompression: sets the phase fraction to zero if it is less than 0.5. Useful for ship hulls to prevent bleeding of the phase fraction along the surface
  • flowRateOutletVelocity: outlet equivalent of flowRateOutletVelocityFvPatchVectorField
  • swirlInletVelocity: general swirl inlet condition
  • matchedFlowRateOutletVelocity: flow rate outlet condition


  • foamList: -listXXX options now available within each application
  • foamDebugSwitches: use <application> -listSwitches, e.g. icoFoam -listSwitches


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