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WIP: Integration of IH Cantabria wave modelling contributions

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New code

New wave generation model:

  • streamFunction: based on Fenton's Fourier approximation

New interFoam-based solver:

  • interPorousFoam: alternative method to include porosity effects, to be used with new fvOptions (see below)

New fvOptions:

  • multiphasePorositySource: porosity for multiphase flows
  • mangrovesSource: mangrove interaction, i.e. drag and turbulence contributions for k-epsilon based models

Test cases:

  • interPorousFoam/porousDamBreak
  • interPorousFoam/mangroves


Solitary wave attenuation by vegetation patches. Maza, M, Lara, J.L., & Losada, I.J. (2016) Advances in Water Resources. Vol.98, pp. 159-172

Tsunami wave interaction with mangrove forests: A 3-D numerical approach. Maza, M, Lara, J.L., & Losada, I.J. (2015) Coastal Engineering. Vol.98, pp. 33-54

Code integration

  • Initial code supplied in commits e0682d67 and 2124eb88; and integrated into OpenFOAM by OpenCFD
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