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Feature iso advector AMR

Johan Roenby requested to merge feature-isoAdvector-AMR into develop-pre-release
  1. interIsoFoam rewritten based on the new interFoam including DyM functionality.
  2. isoAdvection, isoCutFace and isoCutCell classes modified to work with AMR (dynamicRefineFvMesh).
  3. Refactoring of isoAdvection, isoCutFace and isoCutCell (not related to AMR functionality).
  4. Included damBreakWithObstacle test case for interIsoFoam with dynamicRefineFvMesh.
  5. Added discInConstantFlowCyclicBC case for interIsoFoam to confirm proper behaviour with cyclic BC's (not AMR related).

I have tested the changes by compiling, running all interIsoFoam tutorials and verified visually that everything looks OK.

Known issue: isoCutFace sometimes gives a warning related to an edge being cut multiple times by the isoFace (There are around 20 such warnings in the damBreakWithObstacle log). It does not seem to have any effect on the results. I have not so far been able to locate the cause of these warnings.

Best regards Johan

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