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Feature reflective solar load

Sergio Ferraris requested to merge feature-reflectiveSolarLoad into develop


Adding reflecting fluxes to Solar load radiation model.

Adding functionality to the boundary radiation models and new place holder for basic wall types such as transparent, opaqueDiffusive, opaqueReflective. Radiation wall models are now runtime selectable.

Adding multi-band capabilities to VF model and improving the set up for using solar loads in VF and fvDOM radiation models.

Details of new models (If applicable)

The new entry is useReflectedRays = true in the radiationProperties.

This calculates the reflected rays on reflective walls. It can handle first reflection on surfaces. Not multiple reflection are considered.

The wall boundary type "opaqueReflective" handles specular reflection which a proportion of diffusive heat flux


(Possible regressions?)

The boundaryRadiationProperties entries key words are "type", not "mode". But a backward compatibility reading was introduced.

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