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ENH: functionObject: refactored co-ordinate system usage and new forceCoeffs members

  • If applied: This commit on top of the current forceCoeffs allows the user to compute:

    • Side force coefficient whose direction in curl(lift,drag),
    • Yaw moment coefficient whose rotation axis in dir(lift),
    • Roll moment coefficient whose rotation axis in dir(drag)
    • Also, for developers:
      • Destructor is = default
      • Some divisions were replaced by multiplications
      • Some repetitive multiplications were reduced to a single oper
      • Name change: momentCoeff -> pitchMomentCoeff
      • Order of output is reorganised as moments(pitch,yaw,roll) and forces(lift,drag,side)
      • For force coefs, the front and rear axles' contributions are computed
  • Verification: Passed sanity checks and valgrind-memcheck

  • What's next:

    • Update for the Extended code guide entry
  • Related:

    • Designated pitch, yaw, roll orientation can be seen in:
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