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WIP: ENH: Reforms QRMatrix class

Kutalmış Berçin requested to merge issue-1240 into develop
  • If applied:

    • Fixes issue #1240
    • New Test-QRMatrix.C for 3 input scenarios
    • Class output verified via NumPy, aka LAPACAK routines
    • Improves header documentation
    • Corrects Doxygen parsing problems, i.e. //-
    • Aligns code style with the code style guide
    • Applicable to Foam::complex template
  • Verification: See QRMatrix_Verifications.pdf for NumPy comparisons.

  • Future work:

    • Refactoring is possible if new Matrix class functions applied
    • For few matrix elements, NumPy and OpenFOAM yielded few-decimal point differences
    • //Info<< "Mx - b:" << nl << (Mx - source) << endl; affects the subsequent program states despite encapsulation. Memory leak might be the reason, will be checked


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