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ENH: Added new limitFields function object

Andrew Heather requested to merge feature-limitFields-FO into develop

@Roger @Prashant - can you confirm this OK to go in? and any test case/updated tutorial that can be provided?

Details of the new function object:

Limits fields to user-specified min and max bounds

Usage Example of function object specification:

    type        limitFields;
    libs        ("");
    fields      (U);
    limit       max;
    max         100;

Where the entries comprise: Property | Description | Required | Default value type | type name: limitFields | yes | fields | list of fields to process | yes | limit | bound to limit - see below | yes |

The limit entry can take the value:

  • min : specify a minimum value
  • max : specify a maximum value
  • both : specify a minimum value and a maximum value
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