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WIP: ENH: add 'outputCoeffs' and 'extendedOutput' options to forceCoeffs

Kutalmış Berçin requested to merge feature-FO-forceCoeffs-extension into develop

ENH: add 'extendedOutput' option that allows to output all constitutents of all force coefficients, i.e. total, pressure, viscous, and porous

ENH: add 'outputCoeffs' option to allow to select coefficients to output

ENH: remove redundant computations for porosity constituent when the option porosity=false

DOC: improve header file and function declaration docs

BAKW: test backward compatibility and functionality in comparison to v1906 by using simpleFoam/motorBike and simpleFoam/bump2D.

Tests have involved:

  • Serial runs
  • Parallel runs
  • Serial restart
  • Parallel restart
  • Only binData = on (parallel)
  • Only writeFields = on (parallel)
  • Only extendedOutput = on (parallel)
  • binData and extendedOutput = on (parallel)
  • writeFields and extendedOutput = on (parallel)
  • outputCoeffs and extendedOutput = on for arbitrarily chosen (Cd CmRoll Cl) (parallel and serial)
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