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Feature generalized newtonian

Sergio Ferraris requested to merge feature-generalizedNewtonian into develop
  1. Derivative of B in thermo.H (dKcdTbyKc) calculated from S and G instead of dGdT. (ported from org) For the thermos, S and G are easier to obtain that dGdT.

    In our branch the Jacobian dKcdTbyKc is not used in the reaction mechanism, but it could be needed in the future.

  2. Removing hRefConst and eRefConst thermos and adding optional hRef, eRef and Tref as optional in hCosnt and eConst. Tutorials were updated.

3): adding generalizedNewtonian to laminar turbulence model

The generalizedNewtonian viscosity models were ported from
the org version and added to the laminar turbulence framework.

This allows its use to compressible and incompressible solvers
through the turbulence dictionary under the laminar sub-dictionary.

The thermal laminar viscosity is taken from the thermo for solvers
that use thermo library or from the transportProperties dictionary
for incompressible solvers.

At the moment the option to include viscosity models through the
transportDict is still available.

The icoTabulated EoS, hTabulated thermo and tabulated transport were ported from the org version

All the single phase solvers are ready to use the  generalizedNewtonian laminar models. Some multi-phase
solver needs the instantiation of the transport. 

The VoF solver icoReactingMultiPhaseInterFoam is capable of using the new models.  

Updating tutorial: tutorials/multiphase/icoReactingMultiPhaseInterFoam/inertMultiphaseMultiComponent

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