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Feature recycle particles

Andrew Heather requested to merge feature-recycle-particles into develop


Added a new recycleInteraction lagrangian patchInteractionModel. This can be used to recycle/re-inject particles that would otherwise exit the domain.

Details of new models (If applicable)

Example input in the <constant>/reactingCloud1Properties file:

        oneInteractionOnly no;

            patchInteractionModel    recycleInteraction;
                recyclePatches ((outlet inlet2));
                recycleFraction 0.8;
            patchInteractionModel    standardWallInteraction;
                type            rebound;

            writeToFile     yes;

Here the multiInteraction model serves as a wrapper, whereby the a standardWallInteraction model is used for particle/wall interactions and the new recycleInteraction model to reinject particles that exit via the outlet patch back into the domain via inlet2.

When recycling the particles, the recycleFraction entry can be used to retain a certain amount of mass. In the example above, 80% of the mass of particles is reintroduced.

Example case: $FOAM_SRC/lagrangian/reactingParcelFoam/recycleParticles


Low risk - modular extension

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