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ENH: MPPIC dynamic mesh

Sergio Ferraris requested to merge feature-MPPIC-dynamicMesh into develop

Major changes:

  • MPPICCloud and MPPIC parcel are not longer used. The MPPIC sub-models were added to the kinematic cloud. (files were not yet deleted)

  • MPPICDyMFoam and DPMDyMFoam are updated to use the kinematic cloud.

  • Affecting tracking and general functionality :

     dc4deb024b4c21bf13d7d79fb85153f9dc9cf89a  (org)
     c68e10378b1efc6a82cf9bf845e43aef49bb7665  (org)
     2045de687433674739b8fc399bdb34d4975a3b38  (org)
     9b57bc1855f073cedd47e407692a0e9beefe35dd : affects tgtPointFace srcPointFace member functions
  • The rest are specific for MPPIC-submodels into kinematic cloud, wall interaction and AMI.

Edited by Kutalmış Berçin

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