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ENH: solarLoad: new load model, timeDependent


  • TimeFunction1 input for direct solar irradiation (w/m2)
  • TimeFunction1 input for diffuse solar irradiation (w/m2)
  • TimeFunction1 input for spectralDistribution

Details of new models (If applicable)

The following entry set in the simpleCarSolarPanel tutorial produces the attached animation:

sunLoadModel           timeDependent;                                      
directSolarRad         table                                                                                                                     
    (0 500)                                                             
    (5 500)                                                             
    (10 0)                                                              
diffuseSolarRad        0;

spectralDistribution   table
    (0  (2.0 1.2))
    (1  (1.1 1.3))

animation-Qprimary-fps1.avi (animation is prepared by Alseny Diallo).


No changes in user input or simulation output.

There seems to be a previous bug in solarLoad model, where wallCoupled entry was undefined in one of the constructors. We have fixed this bug; however, the fix is not backward compatible since we cannot define an undefined behaviour. For this reason, you may need to add wallCoupled keyword to the radiationProperties dictionary to keep all output the same from one version to the next, otherwise qr field content may end up being always zero for some cases.


Edited by Kutalmış Berçin

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