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ENH: binField: new function object for data binning

Kutalmış Berçin requested to merge feature-forces-forcecoeffs into develop


Function object: forces/forceCoeffs
  • Refactors the forces and forceCoeffs function objects.
  • Removes the binning - it is now handled by the new binField function object.
  • Enables runtime selection of operand coefficients by the coefficients entry.
  • force/moment/forceCoeff/momentCoeff fields per FO are always registered to the database.
  • The data components were renamed from 'normal,tangential,porous' to 'pressure,viscous,internal'
  • Redundant parentheses were removed from the data files in order to ease data manipulation.
Function object: binField
  • The new 'binField' function object calculates binned data, where specified patches are divided into segments according to various input bin characteristics, so that spatially-localised information can be output for each segment.
  • Two binModel is available:
    • singleDirectionUniformBin: calculates binned data in a specified direction.
    • uniformBin: calculates binned data in multiple segments according to a specified Cartesian or cylindrical coordinate system.
  • Unlike the forces/forceCoeffs's binning, the binField outputs normal and tangential components of specified patch data rather than pressure and viscous components.
  • Output variables:
    • total: the sum of patch and internal
    • patch: patch data
    • internal: porous data from specified cell zones
    • normal and tangential: orthogonal components of the patch data


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