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reactionSensitivityAnalysis FO

Sergio Ferraris requested to merge feature-reactionSensitivity into develop

This function object creates four data files named:

"consumption"    :   consumption rate
"production"     :   destruction rate
"productionInt"  :   integral between dumps of the production rate
"consumptionInt" :   integral between dumps of the consumption rate

The function object indicates reaction rates of creation or destruction of species in each reaction.

code: src/postProcessing/functionObjects/utilities/reactionSensitivityAnalysis/ tutorial: /tutorials/combustion/chemFoam/gri

The output format file is (consumption.dat):

time : 1e-2 dellat T: 1e-5 Reaction specie1 specie2 .... 1 RR11 RR12 2 RR21 RR22 . .

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