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ENH: SpalartAllmaras: add estimation functions for k, epsilon and omega

Kutalmış Berçin requested to merge feature-spalart-allmaras-model into develop


  • Adds estimation functions for k, epsilon, omega fields into the SpalartAllmaras turbulence closure model, so that various utilities can be enabled with this model if necessary, e.g. turbulenceFields function object.
  • Reduces peak-memory usage in the SpalartAllmaras model.

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Details of new models

  • The first test case was based on a direct-numerical simulation by (Moser et al., 1999). The test case is a smooth-wall turbulent plane channel flow wherein an internal flow statistically develops downstream (until is fully developed) through parallel smooth walls that are two characteristic-length apart. The friction Reynolds number of the flow is \mathrm{Re}_\tau = 180.
Turbulent kinetic energy
Turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate
Turbulent kinetic energy production rate
Streamwise flow speed
Reynolds stress tensor components


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PS: Hi @vaggelisp, might affect or be relevant? just for your info in any case.

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