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ENH: CloudFunctionObject: new particle function objects

Kutalmış Berçin requested to merge vv-lagrangian-heat-transfer-models into develop


  • acec5bad - ENH: lagrangian: add new CloudFunctionObjects
    • New cloud function objects:
      • ReynoldsNumber (for kinematic parcels, i.e. KinematicReynoldsNumber)
      • ReynoldsNumber (for thermo/reacting parcels, i.e. ThermoReynoldsNumber)
      • NusseltNumber
      • HeatTransferCoeff
  • 83e3043d - ENH: lagrangian: split macros for CloudFunctionObjects
    • three macros:
      • makeParcelCloudFunctionObjects for kinematic parcels
      • makeThermoParcelCloudFunctionObjects for thermo parcels
      • makeReactingParcelCloudFunctionObjects for reacting parcels
  • 4c13f687 - DOC: lagrangian: review heat transfer models
  • 2107c10f - ENH: RanzMarshall: generalises the Nusselt-number correlation
  • 3d14d3f7 - ENH: rhoThermos: enable transport:tabulated + equationOfState:icoPolynomial

Details of new models (If applicable)

  • See the header file documentations for the details.
  • Users can enable the cloud FOs as follows:
        type    ReynoldsNumber;
        // picks kinematic or thermo Reynolds number FO
        // based on the operand cloud type.
        // e.g. for sprayFoam, the ThermoReynoldsNumber
        // is activated in the background.

        type    NusseltNumber;

        type    HeatTransferCoeff;


  • Users can also input custom values for the correlation coefficients in the Ranz-Marshall correlation, e.g.:
        a    2.0;
        b    0.6;
        m    0.5;                                                                                                                      
        n    0.6666;


  • No change to the previous output state or to the user input
  • Alltest: pass logs.gz testLoopReport.gz
  • sprayFoam/aachenBomb: pass (parallel:random)
  • Doxygen: pass
  • clang/gcc compilations: pass
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