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AMI improvements

Andrew Heather requested to merge feature-ami-face-area-intersect into develop
  • Added new faceAreaWeightAMI2D AMIMethod:

    • performs intersection using a new 2D triangle class;

    • candidate face matches set using an AABBTree method (vs advancing front for faceAreaWeightAMI).

    • Use by setting the AMIMethod entry when specifying the AMI in the constant/polyMesh/boundary file, e.g.

          type            cyclicACMI;
          AMIMethod       faceAreaWeightAMI2D; // new method
          Cbb             0.1; // optional coefficient
          nFaces          1000;
          startFace       100000;
          matchTolerance  0.0001;
          transform       noOrdering;
          neighbourPatch  AMI1;
          nonOverlapPatch AMI1_non_overlap;
    • The optional Cbb coeffcient controls the size of the bounding box used when looking for candidate pairs; the value of 0.1 is the default and worked well for a large range of test cases. For badly matched AMI patches this may need to be increased.

  • Deprecated the partialFaceAreaWeightAMI class - primarily used by ACMI:

    • functionality now offered by the AMI variants.
  • NOTE: both AABBTree and octree variants included for review; ONLY 1 METHOD TO BE ADDED

EDIT: octree method remoed

Edited by Andrew Heather

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