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ENH: new multiFieldValue function object

Andrew Heather requested to merge feature-multifieldvalue into develop

Computes a selected operation between multiple fieldValue function objects.

The operation is applied to all results of each fieldValue object.


  • Each object must generate the same number and type of results.

Usage Minimal example by using \c system/controlDict.functions:

    // Mandatory entries (unmodifiable)
    type            multiFieldValue;
    libs            (fieldFunctionObjects);

    // Mandatory entries (runtime modifiable)
    operation       subtract;

    // List of fieldValue function objects as dictionaries



    // Optional (inherited) entries

where the entries mean:

Property Description Type Req'd Dflt
type Type name: multiFieldValue word yes -
libs Library name: fieldFunctionObjects word yes -
operation Operation type to apply to values word yes -
functions List of fieldValue function objects dict yes -

Options for the \c operation entry:

 add           | add
 subtract      | subtract
 min           | minimum
 max           | maximum
 average       | average

Deprecated fieldValueDelta

The fieldValueDelta function object was originally written to compute the difference between two fieldValue-type function objects. The multiFieldValue object name better describes its purpose whilst being able to operate on an arbitrary number of fieldValue-type objects.

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