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finiteArea: new models and solvers for films

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  • Adding kinematicParcelFoam solver:
    • The original thermoSurfaceFilm sub-models were divided between kinematicSurfaceFilm and thermoSurfaceFilm in order to use the surfaceFilm model in a kinematicCloud.
    • The film interaction models are now in a kinematicSurface class which can be used in a kinematic cloud adding constant thermal properties (p and T) for some sub-models, e.g. drySplashInteraction, wetSplashInteraction etc.
    • pRef and Tref were added to the kinematicSurfaceFilm as entry to the regionFilm when used with a kinematic cloud.
    • In the finite area surface film model Tref, pRef are stored in filmSubModel.
  • Film models:
    • Only laminar turbulence is available for wall friction and gas shear stress. Wall friction models:
      • quadraticProfile,
      • linearProfile,
      • DarcyWeisbach,
      • ManningStrickle
    • gas friction models: Cf *(Ufilm - Ufluid). This would need to be improved using turbulent shear stress from the flow.
    • curvatureSepration injection model from the film to Lagrangian particles
    • minimum (fThreshold) force and minimum curvature (minInvR1) for separation were added to have more control on determining the points of film separation.
    • To force wall-like BC from the fluid side the option zeroWallVelocity true;. Allows the film to be seen as zero U BC by the flow.
    • forces: The only available extra forces (apart from gravity) is contact angle force: perturbedTemperatureDependentContactAngle
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