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Draft: ENH: PatchInjectionModel - added new parcel initial velocity options

Andrew Heather requested to merge feature-lagrangian-patch-injection into develop

The parcel initial velocity can now be set using the new velocityType entry, taking one of the following options:

  • fixedValue : (default) same as earlier versions, requires U0
  • patchValue : velocity set to seed patch face value
  • zeroGradient : velocity set to seed patch face adjacent cell value

Example usage:

        type            patchInjection;
        massTotal       1;
        SOI             0;
        parcelBasisType mass;
        patch           cylinder;
        duration        10;
        parcelsPerSecond 100;
        velocityType    patchValue;
        //velocityType    zeroGradient;
        //U0              (-10 0 0);
        flowRateProfile constant 1;
            type        normal;
                expectation 1e-3;
                variance 1e-4;
                minValue 1e-5;
                maxValue 2e-3;

See the new $FOAM_TUTORIALS/lagrangian/kinematicParcelFoam/spinningDisk tutorial

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