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Draft: Extend splitMeshRegions to automatically create AMI inter-region patches

Mattijs Janssens requested to merge feature-splitMeshRegions_autoPatch into develop


splitMeshRegions by default creates one-to-one mapped patches between regions. This adds the option to generate AMI type mapped patches instead.

Resolved bugs (If applicable)

#2251 (closed)

Details of new models (If applicable)

The new functionality is through the autoPatch command line option:

splitMeshRegions -autoPatch '(myInterfaces*)'

This will detect disconnected regions of the mesh and will attempt matching the 'myInterfaces*' patches using an AMI method. Any successful match will result in the matching faces to be put into a mapped type patch with nearestPatchFaceAMI as the inter-region mapping method.


The logic is a bit more complex. There are unknowns about the behaviour of AMI type matching (it currently has no distance limit) but a different AMI matching method can be used using the -AMIMethod option.

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