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ENH: setTurbulenceFields: new automatic initialisation method for turbulence fields

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OpenCFD would like to acknowledge and thank Prof. Rémi Manceau for providing the governing equations for setTurbulenceFields, elaborate suggestions and critical recommendations. Highly appreciated.


Implement and evaluate the two-step automatic initialization procedure for RANS computations introduced by Manceau (n.d.).


  • Plane channel flow at ReTau=180, 395, 590 (Moser et al., 1991) and =4179 (Lozano-Duran & Jimenez, 2014)
  • NASA Turbulence Modelling Resource on various physics:
    • 2DCC: 2D Convex curvature boundary layer
    • 2DML: 2D Mixing layer
    • 2DB: 2D Bump-in-channel
    • 2DZP: 2D Zero pressure gradient flat plate
    • 2DANW: 2D Airfoil near-wake


2DML: 2D Mixing layer

Plane channel flow, ReTau=4179



  • linux64ClangDPInt32Opt (clang11)
  • linux64GccDPInt32Opt
  • linux64GccSPDPInt64Debug
  • Alltest: No new error


  • The initialisation method may help to improve convergence in the first O(10) time steps, and fidelity of results.
  • The initialisation method does not take input turbulence intensity and/or input viscosity ratios (mut/mu) into account.
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