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ENH: fvOptions: refactor and extend effectivenessHeatExchangerSource

Kutalmış Berçin requested to merge feature-heat-exchangers into develop


  • rename effectivenessHeatExchangerSource -> heatExchangerSource
  • introduce submodels:
    • effectivenessTable (previous behaviour)
    • referenceTemperature
  • the referenceTemperature submodel uses a reference temperature which is either a scalar or calculated from a 2D interpolation table in order to calculate the heat exchange.
  • the following figure shows the verification level of the comparisons between the original and refactored referenceTemperature modules in terms of average temperature.


  • EP1903
  • diligently reviewed and tested by @Tobi (thanks Tobi)
  • see v2212/01-heatExchangerSource for a test case
Edited by Kutalmış Berçin

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