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ENH: ensightToFoam: Ensight Gold mesh converter

Mattijs Janssens requested to merge feature-ensightToFoam into develop

Ensight format mesh reading

This release adds an Ensight Gold mesh importer is supported. It can handle all cell shapes supported by the foamToEnsight converter. It currently gets given the geometry file name (geoextension). It supports both ascii and binary formats.

Supported keywords:

  • extents
  • node id 'given', 'ignore', 'assign'
  • node_ids
  • element id 'given', 'ignore', 'assign'
  • element_ids
  • part
  • coordinates
  • tetra4
  • pyramid5
  • penta6
  • hexa8
  • nfaced
  • tria3
  • quad4
  • nsided

It does not support

  • 2D (finite-area) meshes
  • block structured meshes
  • quadratic elements (e.g. twenty node hexahedron)
  • faceZones
  • baffles (they probably get merged away unless they are in the first part - not tested)

It reads all parts, combines all the cells (tetra3, hexa8 etc) and determines the outside faces. It merges all the points using a geometric test (see below) and uses all faces (tria3 etc.) to patch any outside faces. Patch names are the original part names with any illegal word symbol replaced by '_'. Any remaining outside faces get added to a defaultFaces patch of type empty.


  • mergeTol : supply optional merge tolerance to get the correspondence between points of different parts. Default is 1e-10 of the bounding box of all points. Specifying 0 disables any point merging (and hence patching).
  • scale : specify optional scaling for the coordinates. Default is no scaling. Scaling can e.g. be used if the mesh is specified in [mm] instead of [m].
  • keepHandedness : by default the mesh reader will flip (non-polyhedral) cells with negative volume. It will display warning messages of the form
zero or negative pyramid volume:

Use the flag to disable this check and use the normal vertex numbering.

Source code

  • application/utilities/mesh/conversion/ensightToFoam

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