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ENH: ParticleHistogram: refactor PatchParticleHistogram function object

Kutalmış Berçin requested to merge feature-particle-histogram into develop


  • enable 'faceZone' support for the function objects below.
  • introduce 'cloudFunctionObjectTools' to simplify collection of particle info on patches or face zones.
  • enable 'writeFile' support to better control file output.
  • rename 'PatchParticleHistogram' as 'ParticleHistogram', and 'PatchPostProcessing' as 'ParticlePostProcessing' for better clarity.

Resolved bugs

#1808 (closed)


  • User input:
    • Names of FOs have been changed
  • No change in existing output.


  • EP2071
  • linux64ClangDPInt32Opt (clang13)
  • linux64GccDPInt32Opt
  • linux64GccSPDPInt64Debug
  • Alltest: No new error/No change in existing output
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