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ENH: simplify calling of decomposition, support CompactListList

Mark OLESEN requested to merge simplify-decomposition-methods into develop
  • combined most of the unweighted and weighted decomposition routines such that an empty weight field is treated as uniform weighting. This allows default parameters and cuts down on the number of decompose methods.

  • for topology-driven decomposition, it is now possible to pass in the owner/neighbour connectivity as a CompactListList directly instead of first creating a labelListList (which was internally repacked into a CompactListList in many cases). However, multiLevelDecomp still uses unpacking (to avoid a larger reworking of code).

  • support direct creation of some methods (eg, random, scotch etc) without a dictionary

  • fix incorrect neighbour face weighting (fixes #3019 (closed))

ENH: relocate calcCellCells from decompositionMethod to globalMeshData

  • makes it more universally available

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