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ENH: Added new createViewFactors utility

Andrew Heather requested to merge feature-createViewFactors into develop

Creates view factors for the view factor radiation model. Planned to replace/deprecate the viewFactorsGen application in a future release.

Cross-ref EP#1418

User-selectable models:

  • raySearchEngine: model to generate rays, i.e. face-to-face connections
  • viewFactorModel: model to compute the view factors
    • note: hard-coded to use the Hottel model in 2D

For visualisation, use:

  • Write the view factors as a volume field

    writeViewFactors    yes;
  • Write the rays using OBJ format:

    writeRays       yes; // default = no

Participating patches must be in the viewFactorWall group, i.e. using the inGroups entry of the <case>/polyMesh/boundary file.

    type            wall;
    inGroups        2(wall viewFactorWall);


  • <constant>/viewFactorsDict : main controls
  • <constant>/finalAgglom : agglomeration addressing (from faceAgglomerate)


  • <constant>/F : view factors (matrix)
  • <constant>/mapDist : map used for parallel running
  • <constant>/globalFaceFaces : face addressing

@Prashant - can you run the brake model?

Couple of small cases initially put together as part of the GPU pilot project by Polimi:

annulus2D.tgz cavity.tgz

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