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    CONFIG: improve prefix matching for system libraries (#1607) · 5ba2cbc5
    Mark Olesen authored
    - missed detection of system libraries when installed with multiarch
      paths like /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
    CONFIG: improve handling of group/user config files (#928)
    - changed bashrc handling of FOAM_CONFIG_NOUSER to use
      FOAM_CONFIG_MODE instead. Propagate into foamEtcFile to make this
      a stickier control.
      This change allows better control, but also enables cluster
      installations to define their own value within the OpenFOAM prefs.sh
      file to prevent users accidentally mis-configuring things if
    - remove undocumented handling of an (a)ll mode in foamEtcFile to
      avoid potential pitfalls.
    - add support for FOAM_CONFIG_ETC handling.
      This allows injection of an extra search layer when finding
      project etc files
    ENH: improvements to foamConfigurePaths (#928)
    - handle FOAM_CONFIG_ETC implicitly, or explicitly with the new
      -etc option.
    STYLE: more explicit wording in foamConfigurePaths usage (#1602)
    - document that an absolute path (eg, -scotch-path) overrides/ignores
      the equivalent ThirdParty setting (eg, -scotch)
    - longer options -system-compiler and -third-compiler for -system
      and -third, respectively. Clearer as to their purpose.
    - adjust the location sanity check to look for META-INFO directory.
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