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    ENH: add new FO Streaming-Total Dynamic Mode Decomposition (STDMD) · 730233cd
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        STDMD (i.e. Streaming Total Dynamic Mode Decomposition) is a variant of
        a data-driven dimensionality reduction method.
        STDMD is being used as a mathematical post-processing tool to compute
        a set of dominant modes out of a given flow (or dataset) each of which is
        associated with a constant frequency and decay rate, so that dynamic
        features of a given flow may become interpretable, and tractable.
        Among other Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD) variants, STDMD is presumed
        to provide the general DMD method capabilities alongside economised and
        feasible memory and CPU usage.
        Please refer to the header file documentation for further details.
      ENH: add new STDMD tutorial, pimpleFoam/laminar/cylinder2D
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