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    ENH: support independent specification of surface read/write format (#1600) · 560c053b
    Mark Olesen authored
    - adjustments to internal handling to improve run-time addition of
      other formats (eg, with additional user library)
      For example, to write a binary STL with a '.stl' extension:
        $ surfaceMeshConvert input.obj  -write-format stlb  output.stl
      Or in a sampler,
      to specify the input type without ambiguity:
          type        meshedSurface;
          surface     sampling.inp;
          fileType    starcd;
          scale       0.001;
    STYLE: regularize naming for input/output scaling
      * -read-scale   (compat: -scaleIn)
      * -write-scale  (compat: -scaleOut)
    CONFIG: change edge/surface selection name for STARCD format
    - now select as "starcd" instead of "inp" to avoid naming ambiguity
      with abaqus
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