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    ENH: improve flexibility of error, messageStream output · c9333a5a
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - provide a plain stream() method on messageStream to reduce reliance
      on casting operators and slightly opaque operator()() calls etc
    - support alternative stream for messageStream serial output.
      This can be used to support local redirection of output.
      For example,
         refPtr<OFstream> logging;   // or autoPtr, unique_ptr etc
         // Later...
            << "Detailed output ..." << endl;
      This will use the stdout semantics in the normal case, or allow
      redirection to an output file if a target output stream is defined,
      but still effectively use /dev/null on non-master processes.
      This is mostly the same as this ternary
          (logging ? *logging : Info())
      except that the ternary could be incorrect on sub-processes,
      requires more typing etc.
    ENH: use case-relative names of dictionary, IOstream for FatalIOError
    - normally yields more easily understandable information