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    ENH: various dlLibraryTable improvements/refinements (#1737) · 41d3e6f1
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - libs() singleton method for global library handling
    - explicit handling of empty filename for dlLibraryTable open/close.
      Largely worked before, but now be more explicit about its behaviour.
    - add (key, dict) constructor and open() methods.
      More similarity to dimensionedType, Enum etc, and there is no
      ambiguity with the templated open().
    - construct or open from initializer_list of names
    - optional verbosity when opening with auxiliary table,
      avoid duplicate messages or spurious messages for these.
    - basename and fullname methods (migrated from dynamicCode).
    - centralise low-level load/unload hooks
    - adjust close to also dlclose() aliased library names.