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    ENH: additional 'nocopy' methods for List resize/reserve methods · b8a4b7e8
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - the size of a List often requires adjustment prior to an operation,
      but old values (if any) are not of interest and will be overwritten.
      In these cases can use the _nocopy versions to avoid additional memory
      overhead of the intermediate list and the copy/move overhead of
      retaining the old values (that we will subsequently discard anyhow).
      No equivalent for PtrList/UPtrList - this would be too fragile.
    - add swap DynamicField with DynamicList
    BUG: fixed Dynamic{Field,List} setCapacity corner case
    - for the case when the newly requested capacity coincides with the
      current addressable size, the resize of the underlying list would have
      been bypassed - ie, the real capacity was not actually changed.
    - remove (unused) PtrDynList setCapacity method as too fragile