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    ENH: add -verbose support into argList · 5a121119
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - similar to -dry-run handling, can be interrogated from argList,
      which makes it simpler to add into utilities.
    - support multiple uses of -dry-run and -verbose to increase the
      level. For example, could have
        someApplication -verbose -verbose
     and inside of the application:
        if (args.verbose() > 2) ...
    BUG: error with empty distributed roots specification (fixes #2196)
    - previously used the size of distributed roots to transmit if the
      case was running in distributed mode, but this behaves rather poorly
      with bad input. Specifically, the following questionable setup:
          distributed true;
          roots ( /*none*/ );
      Now transmit the ParRunControl distributed() value instead,
      and also emit a gentle warning for the user:
          WARNING: running distributed but did not specify roots!