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    ENH: New atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) model suite (Part 1) · 41e264f2
    Kutalmış Berçin authored and Andrew Heather's avatar Andrew Heather committed
      Please refer to the header file documentation for complete set of details.
      ENH: add new fvOptions for ABL modelling
        - atmAmbientTurbSource
        - atmBuoyancyTurbSource
        - atmCoriolisUSource
        - atmLengthScaleTurbSource
        - atmPlantCanopyTurbSource
        - atmPlantCanopyUSource
        - atmPlantCanopyTSource
        - atmNutSource
      ENH: add new boundary conditions for ABL modelling
           with PatchFunction1 and TimeFunction1 support
        - atmAlphatkWallFunction
        - atmEpsilonWallFunction
        - atmNutkWallFunction
        - atmNutUWallFunction
        - atmNutWallFunction
        - atmOmegaWallFunction
        - atmTurbulentHeatFluxTemperature
      STYLE: change names of nutkAtmRoughWallFunction -> atmNutkWallFunction by
             ensuring the bitwise backward compatibility
      ENH: add new variable-scaling force computation method to actuationDiskSource
      ENH: review actuationDiskSource and radialActuationDiskSource
      ENH: add new function object, ObukhovLength
      ENH: add new ABL tutorials/verifications
        - verificationAndValidation/atmosphericModels/atmFlatTerrain
          - verification with the Leipzig field experiment
          - illustration of precursor/successor field mapping
        - verificationAndValidation/atmosphericModels/atmForestStability
          - verification with the Sweden field experiment
        - update incompressible/simpleFoam/turbineSiting