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    ENH: simple detection for collapsed block descriptions · e8aa3aad
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - switch from default topology merge to point merge if degenerate
      blocks are detected. This should alleviate the problems noted in
      NB: this detection only works for blocks with duplicate vertex
          indices, not ones with geometrically duplicate points.
    ENH: add patch block/face summary in blockMesh generation
    - add blockMesh -verbose option to override the static or dictionary
      settings.  The -verbose option can be used multiple times to increase
      the verbosity.
    ENH: extend hexCell handling with more cellShape-type methods
    - allows better reuse in blockMesh.
      Remove blockMesh-local hex edge definitions that shadowed the
      hexCell values.
    ENH: simplify some of the block-edge internals