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    ENH: add directionalMeshWave functionality · ea16cb4b
    Kutalmış Berçin authored
      For a given point within a given mesh, the existing `meshWave` method gives
      the orthogonal distance to a patch. In meshes with very steep terrain (e.g.
      a hill of 90 [deg], this might be problematic for the fields that require
      the distance to the patch associated with the terrain surface.
      `directionalMeshWave` is a variant of `meshWave` distance-to-patch method,
      which ignores the component in the specified direction. Can be used e.g. to
      calculate the distance in the z-direction only.
      TUT: add example of directionalMeshWave to mesh/moveDynamicMesh/SnakeCanyon
      Requirement by CENER
      Implementation by Mattijs Janssens