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    ENH: deprecation of fvOptionsAdjoint · 95748b01
    Vaggelis Papoutsis authored
    fvOptionsAdjoint was needlessly duplicating a lot of the functionality
    of fvOptions in order to add an interface for computing sensitivity
    contributions emerging from fvOptions. To reduce this code duplication:
    - fvOptionsAdjoint was removed
    - the corresponding sensitivity contributions have moved to fvOptions through
      virtual functions (returning a zero contribution in the base so
      backwards compatibility is retained)
    - all sensitivity classes that were using fvOptionsAdjoint have been
      modified appropriately
    - all adjoint solvers are now grabbing a reference to an fvOptionList
      from the database instead of constructing an fvOptionsAdjointList
    Hence, all fvOptions contributions to the adjoint equations
    or the sensitivity derivatives can be given through system/fvOptions,
    removing the need for separate sub-dictionaries within optimisationDict.