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    ENH: improve surfaceFieldValue sampling and writing (#1999) · 2954f55f
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - ensure surface writing is time-step and nFields aware.
      This avoids overwriting (ignoring) previous output fields.
    - allow sampled surfaces to be used for weight fields as well.
      Not sure why this restriction was still there.
    - remove old compatibility reading of orientedFields.
      Last used in v1612, now removed.
    - only use face sampling. For surfaceFieldValue we can only do
      something meaningful with face values.
    ENH: modify interface methods for surfaceWriter
    - replace direct modification of values with setter methods.
         old: writer.isPointData() = true;
         new: writer.isPointData(true);
      This makes it possible to add internal hooks to catch state changes.
    ENH: allow post-construction change to sampledSurface interpolation
    - rename interpolate() method to isPointData() for consistency with
      other classes and to indicate that it is a query.
    - additional isPointData(bool) setter method to change the expected
      representation type after construction
    - remove 'interpolate' restriction on isoSurfacePoint which was
      previously flagged as an error but within sampledSurfaces can use
      sampleScheme cellPoint and obtain representative samples.
      Relax this restriction since this particular iso-surface algorithm
      is slated for removal in the foreseeable future.