Commit 302f2518 authored by Mark Olesen's avatar Mark Olesen

TUT: only copy flange.ans if it exists

- for OpenFOAM-v2006 shifted the location of flange.ans into tutorial
  resources specifically to make tutorial tests easier for this add-on

  Only attempt to copy flange.ans for older versions to avoid spurious
  error message for new versions.
parent e7bf2b60
......@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@ then
mkdir "$dst"
cp -r "$src"/constant "$dst"
cp -r "$src"/system "$dst"
cp "$src/flange.ans" "$dst"
# Copy zero directory (0.orig/, or 0/)
for i in 0.orig 0
......@@ -34,7 +33,8 @@ then
# Allclean, Allrun etc may not exist
for i in "$src"/All*
# OpenFOAM-1912 and earlier with geometry in tutorial (not as resource)
for i in "$src"/All* "$src/flange.ans"
if [ -f "$i" ]
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