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    ENH: Initial commit of new runTimePostProcessing function object · c1e0645d
    Andrew Heather authored
    - Allows generation of images (currently PNG files) during the run
    - ... or afterwards by invoking the execFlowFunctionObjects utility
    - Wrapper around VTK functionality
    - Support for objects:
      - text
      - points (glyphs: sphere, arrow)
      - lines (tubes)
      - surfaces (wireframe, shaded, combination)
    - Colour using:
      - user-defined
      - field values (several colour maps availale)
    - For image sequences:
      - dynamic views (camera movement)
      - objects can appear/disappear using opacity
    - Building
      - VTK dependency v6+
      - satisfied using ParaView from ThirdParty directory
      - or separate VTK installation
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