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    ENH: extended runTimePostProcessing (#1206) · ee4c3cb7
    Mark Olesen authored
    - Extended runTimePostProcessing to include access to "live"
      simulation objects such a geometry patches and sampled surfaces
      stored on the "functionObjectObjects" registry.
    - Add 'live' runTimePostProcessing of cloud data.
      Extracts position and fields from the cloud via its objectRegistry writer
    - For the "live" simulation objects, there are two new volume filters
      that work directly with the OpenFOAM volume fields:
          * iso-surface
          * cutting planes
      Both use the VTK algorithms directly and support multiple values.
      Eg, can make multiple iso-levels or multiple planes parallel to each
    - When VTK has been compiled with MPI-support, parallel rendering will
      be used.
    - Additional title text properties (shadow, italic etc)
    - Simplified handling of scalar-bar and visibility switches
    - Support multiple text positions. Eg, for adding watermark text.
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