Commit 980717ad authored by Henry Weller's avatar Henry Weller
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rigidBodySolver: Updated comments

parent bc70e369
......@@ -64,22 +64,22 @@ void Foam::RBD::rigidBodySolver::correctQuaternionJoints()
if (model_.joints()[i].unitQuaternion())
// Calculate the change in the normalized quaternion axis
// Calculate the change in the unit quaternion
vector dv((q().block<vector>(qi) - q0().block<vector>(qi)));
scalar magDv = mag(dv);
if (magDv > SMALL)
// Calculate the quaternion corresponding to the change
// Calculate the unit quaternion corresponding to the change
quaternion dQuat(dv/magDv, cos(magDv), true);
// Transform the previous time quaternion
// Transform the previous time unit quaternion
quaternion quat
// Update the joint state
// Update the joint unit quaternion
model_.joints()[i].unitQuaternion(quat, q());
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